Saturday, August 25, 2007

9 months

Dear Gloria,

You've learnt a couple of new tricks this month.

First, is the 'Funny Face'.

New Trick
And you always do it with so much flair!.. You'll look for the perfect spot on your bottle cover, bite on... and then lift both your hands as if to say 'Tada!'.

Then, it's clapping.

Also, you managed to stand on your own for a brief moment!
I'm Standing!

You also seem to understand humor now too. You laugh at silly faces that we make.. and you also know that we enjoy watching you do the 'Funny Face'. Oh you show that off to so many people. One humor which I don't share with you however is your biting. Darling girl, mummy knows how many teeth there are in your mouth... you don't have to leave an imprint on my arm or shoulder as evidence!

Mummy's now at home with you the whole day. Mummy's in between jobs (well, more like Mummy's still looking for a new job), and meanwhile moonlighting as an SAHM (Stay At Home Mum). Mummy's loving every moment of it.. and can only hope that you enjoy it as much as I do.

Pinching Pooh bear's nose


Thursday, August 09, 2007

I thought I was a light sleeper...

I mean, I usually wake relatively easy (or comparatively to my hubby at least). Phone rings, I'm awake. Gloria stirs, I'm awake. Dog barks, I'm awake. My hubby snores louder, I'm awake.

However, there has been times when I just slept like a log. Like when the time I was young and the house caught on fire, and the fireengine was here.... I slept through (much to my parent's amazement). And then there was the time when my house alarm went off, and both hubby and I slept through (much to the amazement of my neighbours).

Then there was last night...

I was sleeping soundly. *Ding Dong* *knock knock knock* *Ding Dong*
Now who in the sane mind would be ringing the doorbell at midnight? And oh... I failed to mention.. I'm in Jakarta... so that really would negate the social-call-by-nightbird-friends theory.

Peeping through the door, I saw my 2 junior colleagues.

"Did you feel that?" One asked

"Feel what?"

"There was a tremor!"

"A what?"

"Tremor! Macam earthquake!"

"Seriously?" Still sleepy and perplexed

"Yalar.... Should we go down or not?"

"Erm... I think it should be over"

I noticed that there was no mad rush of people running down the stairs... and I guess that stopped me from being panicky

"OK. We'll go down and check it out"

"Alright.. you do that..."

Then I closed the door and went back to bed. I sms-ed hubby too.
Just as I was drifting to dreamland...

*Ding Dong* *knock knock knock*

"Cyrene!... There are people downstairs. Everyone felt it! I was on the bed and I felt the shaking!"

"Yeah.. I was walking to the washroom and I felt it!" piped the other colleague

"Oh... I must have slept through it.. I didn't feel anything" smiling sheepishly

Afterwhich, we retired to our room.

This morning, when I woke up, this is what I read at CNN.

7.5 on the scales and I slept through it! Happens only 18 times a year and I was here when it happened!

I wonder if we have travel insurance :S