Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Baby Gloria's debut -- delayed post

OK, I had the whole chronology of event that I wanted to post. Blow by blow account of the labour process. Hehehe, but then the job of a new mummy took most of my time, and my hubby beat me to it here.

Well, it was no Hallmark moment... No huffing and puffing with my hubby holding my hand encouraging me to push. In fact, even the c-section was not how a normal c-section would have been.

Long story short, I was knocked out cold (literally as the Operation Theater is one giant freezer) and I didn't get to hold our daughter till the morning after. Even then, I was so groggy and numb below my waist, I couldn't hold her. My ObGyn placed her beside me on my bed and my first contact with my first born was her snuggling close to me for warmth.

I fell in love again.

Saturday, November 04, 2006

The wait is over (?)

My Ob/Gyn called this morning.

Didn't hear my phone ringing.

He called my hubby's phone.... he didn't hear it either.

Ob/Gyn must have been panicky (hehehe)

Finally heard the call, answered it.

"Can you come in for a check up today?" Asked my Ob/Gyn

"Sure, what time would you like to see me?" I replied.

"How about now?"


"OK be prepared k"

"Er... OK (?)"

** Click **

"Hubby, doc wants to see me now and he wants me to be prepared" I told Hubby.

"Be prepared?"

"Yeah that's what he said"

Hubby shrugs... "OK then... "He then looks at my bulging tummy and said "Baby, looks like the doc's gonna get you out soon."

Were we feeling anxious? Not really.

Did we panic? Not at all.

On the way to the clinic, we were even discussing what to eat for breakfast! Once at the clinic we were ushered into the office. (Bypassing some other moomies who were waiting in the lounge... hehehe felt like a VIP then)

"So today, we'll do an internal examination, then a scan and then we'll monitor the fetal heartbeat for a while." explained the good doc.

"OK" we said.

Upon examination I was already 4-5 cm dilated!

"I think you'll be going into labour today!" exclaimed the doc.

"There are two options, one, go in today at about 3pm and we'll put you on the drips. If all goes well I believe you'll be carrying your baby by tonight. Option two, wait for the spontaneous contractions and then check into the hospital."

Hmmm.... door no. 1 we'll take our leisure time, pack our stuff, relax a little and then check in. Door no. 2, wait till I get my contractions about 10 minutes apart and panic and rush into the hospital Hollywood style (hehehe yeah a bit of exageration there).

"Let's do the leisure one" said Hubby.

I concured.

So here goes, in another 2 hours, we'll be checking in... and hopefully by tonight, we'll hear the first wail of our first born ;)

Wish us luck.