Tuesday, November 06, 2007

12 months

Dear Gloria,


You turned 1 a few days back. Daddy and I still can't believe that it's been a year already. We remember meeting you for the first time... like it was just yesterday.

You are such a little lady now. You've begun experimenting standing on your own and trying out walking (with some aid). You've also created your own baby language... Tolkien you may not be.. and we're still deciphering what 'balabalabala' or 'pstpstpst' means. Some words we recognize though... your favorites... 'CAT' and 'MEOW'. You call Daddy 'dada' or 'dede' depending on your mood.. and you call me 'meh' and when you want to breastfeed, it's 'mem mem'. 'Mem mem' is not to be confused with 'maam maam', which means you want solid food... and oh yes.. 'Em' when you want milk.

Honestly darling, I have no idea where you got the love of cats from. We have a dog, Ginger. Though you're more interested in wagging your finger at her when she barks. However, when you see any cat you just light up like a Christmas tree!


Inspired by your intense love of cats, Daddy got you a cat soft toy; and I decided to adorn your birthday cake with cats. But I'm telling you now... that's as far as I will go. If in the future you come to me and say 'Mummy, can I have a pet cat for my Birthday?'.. my answer will almost certainly be 'Ask your dad!'

My dear bee, I'm afraid you are turning into a little TV addict. Though. you are very very selective of what you watch. You ONLY want to watch Disney's Magic English. Your Ah Ma got you a set from her previous company... and you LOVE IT! You watch it every morning before your bath, after your bath, after your morning nap and once more in the evening. On some days, Daddy even turns it on at night before your bed time.

On days when you are at Gradma's and don't get to watch Magic English.. you have some withdrawal syndromes. You'll be so edgy when you get home... and you'll keep insisting on being in the hall and in front of the TV. The moment we turn on Magic English, you will squeal and clap your hands. Then you'll just be zen-ed out. It's amazing! Though with the amount of TV time you're choking up... you better be saying the words soon. I'm not sure how much more of Magic English Daddy and I can take. (I hope you'll appreciate the sacrifice of Mummy and Daddy when you're older... we don't get to watch Astro much)

Darling Bee, in this past year, you've also perfected the art of 'adorability'. You've managed to wrap your little fingers around your grandparents (yes both sets of them), and also Mummy and Daddy. You smile cheekily when you know you'll be getting your way. And there's nothing we can do about it. I'll have to caution you though. You can't always get it your way. And throwing a tantrum will NOT solve anything... unless of course the adults around you gets nerve wrecked and give in so that you'll stop sobbing.

Sweetie Pie, it's so wonderful to see you explore new things and growing up. Sometimes I wish this time would last longer. My only hope is that when you grow older and look back, your memory of this time would be of how loved you were by everyone around you.