Saturday, July 29, 2006

Shiver me timbers!

I'm a fan of Johnny "Dreamy Eyes" Depp. Not a crazy fan though... I don't go out collecting every movie he's acted in... but generally I just like to look at him... I like the roles he takes on... they are not ... conventional.

I absolutely LURVED him as Capt Jack Sparrow in Pirates of the Caribbean : The curse of the Black Pearl. When I heard that POC: Dead Man's Chest was coming out... I told DH that I HAD to watch it. Deep inside, I knew that the sequel will never surpass the first movie... but what the heck.. it's Johnny Depp!

Alas, when POC:DMC premiered here... I was stuck in Jakarta. EVERY DAY, when I turn on the television, the trailer would tease me.... the clips of the Red Carpet event of Pirates of the Caribbean would tease me.... E! TV kept running features of Johnny Depp... ARGH!... I have to go.

So finally yesterday, we decided to meet up Lens and go watch the movie. We got 6 rows from the front of the screen, even though Lens tried to butter up the guy over at the ticket counter. I guess the guy over the ticket counter just didn't take to Lens' charms :P

After getting our drinks and chips and popcorns, we made a beeline to the cinema. Oh well, 6 rows from the front ain't all that bad... And lo and behold... a cute chick actually is seated next to Lens... must be his lucky night. That was till....................

At a scene that was meant to probably just make you jump in your seat a little, we heard a blood curdling scream (ok lar a bit exagerated... but a horrific scream is a horrific scream). I turned to the direction of the scream and there I saw Lens, with the 'oh-my-god' look. At that time it didn't register to me that it was the cute chick sitting next to him that turned into Banshee.

As the movie progressed, every time Davey Jones, the Kraken and the scene of Elizabeth's dress swaying over the deck (hehe ok lar this one she didn't scream lar), cute chick would turn into Banshee.... hahahah She was clearly enjoying the movie A LOT.

Lens, DH and I had a good laugh about it after the movie. Everyone of us in the theatre enjoyed the 5.1 surround sound effecct, but Lens had 5.2 ... Banshee sat next to him... what an experience to remember.

p.s (who screams in a Disney movie anyway? ) :P

Saturday, July 22, 2006

Nesting Instinct or just a Compulsive Behavior

I always have an urge once in a while to just reorganize my cupboard, drawer or furniture. I have had these urges since I was in secondary school.

I may come home one day and just have the urge to alphabetize my textbooks, or rearrange the pens in my pencil case (hmm... pen in pencil case... that sounded odd). I thought it was normal, you know... probably genes from my mum kicking in once in a while.

However I can't explain this major urge I've had for the past two weeks. I was again away for work in Indonesia, but had major pangs to clean my home! I even drew up a plan on what I would do.

First, I would sort out my cupboard and remove all the clothes that I do not want anymore .. (also coz I ran out of cupboard space....really, just one side of a two door wardrobe is NEVER enough for a girl).

Second, I want to file up all the bills that are lying around the house and reorganize all the files in the study room.

Third, I want to reorganize all the drawers in the house. Each of them must have a specific genre of item, instead of the plethora of items that they hold now.

Fourth, I even had the urge to reorganize some furniture... but that's a big no-no now.. so I just have to surpress this one.

Of course within these there would be the general wiping, sweeping and mopping.

I even dreamt of it!

Is this normal? Is this Nesting Instinct, or am I just weird that way?

Friday, July 14, 2006

Once upon a time ....

there was a couple, Jack and Jill*. Jill is 5 months pregnant with their first child. Now Jack's career requires him to travel around the region a bit. So it was that Tuesday morning, he had to take a trip to Thailand.

Jill helped Jack iron his shirts and pack his bag the night before, and they retired a little late in the night. Jack's taxi was due to arrive at 5 am Tuesday morning. Afraid of oversleeping, Jack set the alarm clock to 4 am.

When the alarm clock went off, Jill woke up too, as she was a light sleeper. Sleepy eyed, she stayed up to kiss Jack and wish him good luck for his trip. Once Jack was out of the door and into the taxi, Jill climbed back to bed and fell asleep.

Jill was rudely awaken at 5.50 am by her mobile phone. Thinking that it was just Jack telling her that he has reached the terminal safely, she lazily reached out for the phone.

"Hello, Jill?" said the voice on the other end.
"Yes?" sleepily said Jill.
"It's Jack.. I need you to do something for me. I left my passport at home!"

Jill's eyelids immediately peeled back. Jack's flight is scheduled at 8 am. She'll have to hurry to make it in time to the airport.

"OK, I'll go immediately" promised Jill.

In haste she showered and dressed. Grabbed Jack's passport, ran down the stairs, fed the dog, and drove off towards the airport.

10 minutes into her journey, she heard an odd knocking sound from outside of her car.
"Oh no, please don't let anything be wrong with the car... not now... please" silently Jill prayed.

Jill turned on the indicator lights and came to a stop at the layby. Upon inspecting the car, Jill found that the right front indicator lamp had come loose and was hanging out. Causing it to knock against the chasis of the car. Quickly she shoved the light back in and continued her journey.

She called Jack to inform him of the light.

"It's ok.. take your time... no need to hurry. Drive safely honey." said Jack calmly.

Multiple calls and multiple km/h above the speed limit later, Jill arrived at the terminal. Jack was there waiting and thankfully took the passport from Jill.

With a sigh of relief, Jill made her way back to civilization (as the airport was really so far away, one wonders if there was ever civilization there). Jill thought she may as well report for work early that day. But wait!

Oh no!

In her haste to bring Jack his passport, she left her laptop at home!

Jill had to drive all the way home (which by the way was the opposite direction to her office), to get her laptop before going to work.

What a way to begin the day!.... And the light had to pop out again midway through the journey.

-This is based on a true story.
*Names have been changed to protect the anonimity of the characters.

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

It moves!

Reaching the halfway mark of our pregnancy, we often get questioned ... "Have you felt baby move yet?"

Well... I never was sure of my answer. How does it feel like? Is it like the minor cramp I feel off and on? Does it feel like the bubbly stomach acid in my stomach when I'm hungry? Or am I just focusing too much and imagining that I felt baby move.

I got so excited, that everytime I thought could be the indication of movement of baby, I would tell dear hubby "I think baby moved"... "THINK" being the operative word.

Well... all the doubt ended at the early mornings of 27th June 2006.

Sleep didn't come easy that night. I was feeling warm one moment, cold another. I was fleeting in and out of dreamland.

I turned to see the alarm clock and noted that the time was 4 a.m. Another 5 more hours and a gruelling day in the office begins.

Just as I was about to turn to my left side, I felt a nudge, slightly to the left of my belly button.


Was I dreaming?

Then I felt it again... more distinct this time. I placed my palm over the spot... and again I felt the nudge... even on my palm!

There was no doubt about it! The big worm inside me moved!!

I was so excited, I sat up and woke dear hubby from slumber. Poor guy didn't know what hit him hehehe...

He gave a sleepy smile and placed his palm on my stomach.... then fell asleep again. Baby wasn't one for an encore performance... and must have fell asleep soon after.

Since that day, I've been experiencing the little squirms and nudges throughout the day.

Unfortunately though, every time dear hubby puts his hand on my belly, baby just stays still. :D maybe it's the calming vibe from daddy's hand hahaha...

Monday, July 03, 2006

It's good to be back.

These 5 words can hardly begin to explain how I feel. Been back a week and it has never felt better.

Things that I would never take for granted ever again

1. Spending time with the family
2. Spending time with close friends
3. Myriad of food to choose from for breakfast / lunch / dinner
4. The comfort of your own bed
5. WIDE roads
6. Myriad of languages heard throughout the day

The list can go on and on...

It's just good to be back...