Sunday, May 28, 2006

I'm back!

Been a while since I upchucked my thoughts into my blog. Had a bit of a roller coaster ride earlier in the year, but things have now settled down. I'm ready to blog again.

New things to report...
1. New job
2. Baby on the way :)

Took up a new job, the scope is very much different from what I've been used to. A lot of deliberation and hesitation spent before making the decision, and now, I'm just doing the best I can out of it. As they say, never try, never know.

I'm less online at work now. Coz a. Have lots of things to catch up at work, and b. The internet line there has mood swings that rival a pregnant woman... (trust me, I for one should know). But thank goodness Streamyx is now available in our humble abode. (Hallelujiah!)

Miss chatting with my YM kakis though. Had withdrawal symptoms of it during the first week at work. Everyone in the office was so quiet, and my fingers were just itching to gossip or bitch about something hahaha. Now I guess I'll try to catch the 'Senandung Malam' chats .... though I think that train seldom leaves the station lately (Babe, must send me the schedule ar...)

At the home front, hubby and I are happily anticipating the arrival of the newest addition to the family. With the first trimester out of the way, I no longer serenade to the toilet bowl as often, and the sight of fish doesn't really invoke involuntary rejection of yesterday's dinner anymore. I'm less tired, less sleepy but boy have I bloated!

I had to get maternity wear already and it's a major ouch factor on the purse! Each freaking item costs a minimum of RM100. Don't be surprised if you see me wearing the same slacks 3 times in a week! And now, my hubby thinks "Oh, in this, you don't look pregnant, but you just look fat" is a compliment... *rolls eyes* The only consolation I get now is that there's still a hint of waist in my new rolly polly condition. hahhaa

That leads to speculations of the gender of the baby. My family seems to think that it'll be a boy. Some friends however are speculating that it could be a girl. I don't care what gender the baby is actually, I just pray that he/she will be healthy and strong. Hubby wants to know though... coz he just wanna focus on thinking of 1 name instead of 1 for each gender :p . We'll all just have to wait till my next visit to the ob-gyn.


Lens said...

Congratulations! and Congratulations!

Good catching up over the weekend. Wished there was more time to "gossip" and "bitch". :p

So.. whats this about hubby complimenting you...? ;P

arielkmk said...

I'm going to be an aunty..aunty...

Cyrene said...

Lens : hehe thanks.. yeah... bitching and gossiping are so thereapeutic :P

Ariel : :P so i can count on u for baby-sitting hoh? :p

shookmeallnightlong said...

upchucked.... hmmmm... is that a new term at your new workplace? wahhh.. so best. ekekekkeke...

anyway, double congrats to you.

and ermm... if its any consolation to you.. I haven't got any waist for better part of the last 4 years!! :(


CFC said...

Woohoo! Welcome back!

Dafthamsta said...

I've never really believed in that stuff about the shape of ur belly being an indicator of the baby's gender. Some will say round = girl, and some will say the opposite. Aiyah... taotia.. agree wif u... doesn't matter lah, as long as baby is healthy lor.

Psst... didn't you know? Preggy ladies are given a break by the fashion police. ;)