Saturday, June 17, 2006

Extra protein? Thanks but no thanks!

Eating at Jakarta is a challenge.

Where we live, it's either the hotel restaurant, the western food restaurant next door, or a very dodgy looking Indonesian food restaurant across the street. So, you can imagine what a mind boggling task it is every night to think of what to eat for dinner.

But that's not the reason for this post.

At the location where we work, we have 2 main coices of location for lunch. It's either the place at the driving range where they serve chicken and rice OR Japos, which serves mainly Mee Bakso. After 2 weeks, my appetite during lunch is waning. It doesn't help that there are no shops around to grab a bun or something else.

So anyway, last Friday, we decided to go for a quick lunch at the chicken place. This time, I decided to order something other than my usual of Ayam Cabe Ijo (Chicken with green chilli sauce..... trust me it's anything BUT spicy). I ordered, Ayam Bakar (Roasted chicken with some kind of spice sauce). Since I didn't have breakfast that morning, I was really keen on tucking in to my meal.

I took a spoonfull of rice, and began the process of pulling the meat off the chicken... then i noticed something in the sauce... about half the size of my thumb. My heart skipped a beat.

I flipped the unknown object over..... and involuntarily released a loud gasp. It was a cockroach!!!

Full roach with wings and all !!! .... *grossed out*

We called the waiter and she took my plate away pronto. They assured me they will give me a new plate.. but at that point I lost my appetite. I just paid for my drink and left. My two colleagues however, stayed on to finish their meal.

I had to rush up something and attend a meeting later that day.... and didn't reach the hotel till 8pm local time. By then I think my gastric juices already ate quite a fair bit of my stomach lining hahahah....

I'm SO thrown off food here now..... :(


Dafthamsta said...

Urgh... are you sure it wasn't meant to be part of the garnishing or something? Kekeke....

Maybe you should pack some easy to eat food items with you in your bag wherever you go. Especially since you're travelling.

phangan said...

yeah things like packets of cereal bars will come in handy, like what hamsta said.

babe_kl said...

urrghhh euuuwwwww...