Friday, September 01, 2006

One day at the gynae's...

Last Saturday, we went for a scheduled check up at the gynae's. Instead of going at about 8pm like we usually do, we opted to go early at 9am. As we walked in, I found it odd, that in the waiting lounge, was only 2 guys.

Took a step back out and looked at the sign board... yup.... this is the right place. It's a 'Klinik Pakar Puan' alright.

Walked back in, handed my appointment card to the nurse. "Urine and weight" she said.. so ok, obidiently I took the cup and waddled to the ladies.

As I approached, I saw a lady bent over the WC offloading breakfast (or maybe yesterday's dinner). Oh, so one of the guys out there must be her husband, I thought.

So after filling the cup, I waddled back to the front. I was then weighed (oh man that was so depressing)... I saw the same lady again being soothed by her husband.

The other lone guy looked kind of lost amidst the 2 couples (including us) at the waiting lounge. I thought that maybe his wife was in with the doc and he decided to wait outside....

But then, the door to the doctor's room opened and out came another couple... Aiks...

Then... we saw the doc come over to the nurse counter and motioned for the lone guy to go over. After a few minutes of hushed conversation, the lone guy left.

"That's odd" I said to hubby.

Soon it was our turn to go in to see the doc. After all the check and scan, my doc suddenly said... "There are some really funny people out there"

Hubby and I looked at each other.

"There was a guy who came in just now," continued the doctor " came for a check up on behalf of his wife!"

"Huh?" we replied

"Yeah, his wife was busy, but had an appointment today, so just sent the husband instead. Amazing... I wonder how she thought I was gonna scan her husband to check on her baby"

Hubby and I couldn't stop laughing.


julianwong said...

Prime candidate for Blurrest Parents Evar!!

How in blazes this couple even managed to get the baby started is a mystery, lol!

babe_kl said...


Cyrene said...

Jules: Hehehe .... beats me really

Babe : Yeah our sentiments exactly :p

Dafthamsta said...

Hello... there's this thing called "Re-scheduling"???!!!!