Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Baby Gloria's debut -- delayed post

OK, I had the whole chronology of event that I wanted to post. Blow by blow account of the labour process. Hehehe, but then the job of a new mummy took most of my time, and my hubby beat me to it here.

Well, it was no Hallmark moment... No huffing and puffing with my hubby holding my hand encouraging me to push. In fact, even the c-section was not how a normal c-section would have been.

Long story short, I was knocked out cold (literally as the Operation Theater is one giant freezer) and I didn't get to hold our daughter till the morning after. Even then, I was so groggy and numb below my waist, I couldn't hold her. My ObGyn placed her beside me on my bed and my first contact with my first born was her snuggling close to me for warmth.

I fell in love again.

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babe_kl said...

Wishing everyone at home a Blessed Christmas & Happy New Year!