Sunday, July 15, 2007

8 months

Dear Gloria,

Sweet pea

You turned 8 months old on the 4th of July. That day also marked the end of your first overseas holiday.

Thanks to a very generous Tony Fernandez, everybody can fly. Yup, even you Little Bee. Back in February, I managed to secure 4 free tickets to Chiang Mai. So Ah Ma, Ah Kong, Daddy, you and I, were set to embark on your FIRST plane ride.
My First Plane Ride

Chiang Mai is a special place for mummy and daddy. Daddy was there for months on end just before and just after our wedding for a project. Mummy even visited Daddy in Chiang Mai 3 years ago.

Our flight was early, and we had to be at the LCCT by 7 a.m. The night before, I dressed you up in the clothes, ready for the trip. You slept all the way to the airport. Though I would've wished you slept through the plane ride....

It was as though you knew it was a special time and you were going somewhere new. You were extra, extra energetic. Ah Ma and mummy had our hands full trying to keep you down in the plane. Of course 30 minutes into the plane you decided to the end, mummy had to breastfeed you before you dozed off (and that was like, 20 minutes before we landed...sigh).

When we got to the hotel and placed you on the bed... you beemed!
Ooh this bed is comfy

It was like you had new found freedom. You LOVED the bed! You rolled all around it and was in an EXTREMELY good mood. So much so, daddy contemplated on getting a bigger bed at home for you ... (mind you, we already have a KING sized bed)

We were in Chiang Mai for 4 days and
you shopped
Now which one should I choose

you rolled on the bed
My new bear friend

you enjoyed the van
This van is cool

Most importantly, we bonded even more as a family during this trip.

You are such a cheerful baby. And you're very cheeky too... with your new teeth, you bite mummy when I'm breastfeeding you... and then you SMILE!... Oh you cheeky beaver!

You always bring out a smile in mummy and daddy... even on the most hectic days.


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