Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Gloria's milestones

It's been a while since I've uploaded any pics or blogged. So as a treat, I'm loading up VIDEOS!! The videos features some milestones that Gloria has gone through.

First there was The Crawl. The Crawl is Gloria's unique way of crawling... it's part walk, part crawl. Looks like more effort is needed to move around this way, but she mastered it and crawls at lightspeed this way.. :P

After that, Gloria discovered that she can utilise her new found mobility to climb the stairs!

Noticed I was coercing her by saying "Yes" ? Well, it should've actually happened like this

Gloria also learnt the joys of riding toy cars.

Another thing she picked up was, picking up the phone!

Of course, naturally, crawling became a bore and Gloria wanted to learn how to walk.

Soon after that video, she did master the art of walking without aid. Albeit, she still looks a little bit like a drunken sailor shaking off his sea legs when she walks. Last but not least.... the grand finale of this post.

I give you.....

Gloria Dancing (ala Pocoyo)


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janeaw said...

wuah the dancing is super cute!!! way to go gloria gurl....!