Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Woi... Updatelar!

Short conversation over a famous instant messenger

Shook* : actually was searching who didn't update their blog worse than me
Shook: and the winner isssssssssssssssssss
Me: Darn!

So ok, I'm guilty... Hey.. People gotta work to bring in the dough you know.. (shhh! I know that's a bad excuse) Right.. so hang on and let's give you the low down of what has been going on

  • Celebrated Dad's birthday (dim sum and steam boat)
  • Worked
  • Finally going to put in shower curtains in the bathroom (50% accomplished.. i.e. got the things, but not drilled in yet)
  • Finished the entire season 1 of HOUSE and 2 episodes of season 2 (Muahaha)
  • Worked
  • Watched 2 episodes of LOST season 2 (Didn't finish season 1 though.. figured I'll just go the fast track)
  • Ginger's chewed nearly ALL of my sandals.
  • Shopped for new sandals
  • Worked
  • Joined the BEC in our area (catholic families get-together)
  • Worked
  • Had our first Christmas Caroling practice
  • Worked
  • Started reading another book (Commuting on the LRT does wonders to the pace I go throuh books)
  • Fainted at sight of Credit Card bill
  • Worked
  • Still trying to cut down coffee intake (even though Lens SWEARS it's the drink of champions...... you champion enuf lar... i not champion)
  • Oh did I mention I fell from an escalator and scraped the back of my calf? Yeah now I have a barcode scar.. sigh
  • Oh did I mention on the same day I fell I dropped my Monthly pass for the LRT (($&)#$)(#$**$&#*$%(# ..... ahhh... that was therapeutic
  • Worked

Well that's about it folks. Did I mention work?



shookmeallnightlong said...

got barcode behind your calf? wow! very practical... good idea for identification. But I guess I'll stick with the barcode behind my IC


Lori said...

I don't know. Sounds like the placement would be a pain in the winter or any time you're wearing long pants and have to show some identification.

Lens said...

Yea.. Coffee is the DRINK OF CHAMPIONS!... and Chocolate covered roasted coffee beans are the treats that makes CHAMPIONS! Esp kids... they love 'em...

Lets go for coffee one of these days... my treat.. :P

CFC said...