Thursday, January 19, 2006


I lost someone dear.
Someone I grew to love, but no longer here.

I know not when he said his goodbye,
I know not why.

I never saw his face,
we never embraced.

I know not even him or her
but I know I will love him forever.


Lens said...

There, there,
You still have lots of people who care,
And all of them, their blessings to you, they share,

Stay strong, physically and mentally,
As I am sure that things is going to work out eventually.

My blessing to you and your friend,
Today, tomorrow, it never end...

CFC said...

I am here, I am there
I am close, I am far
I cherish you for I care
You're my Rose, my Teddy Bear

Do not cry,
I have to go.
Do not cry,
I just have to go

mamanine said...

Girl..just take good care... i am sure you will get to see her/him again very soon..... Cheers and HAppy Chinses New Year...

babe_kl said...

gee i never knew you penned something so sad here. be strong and "jai lai kwor"... jia yiu, jia yiu :p

Dafthamsta said...

Never lose hope, never give up trying. This too, shall pass.