Wednesday, February 21, 2007

In a blink of an eye...

Gloria is now approaching 4 months, and it really feels like it was only yesterday hubby and I were in the labour room anticipating her birth. So many things have happened since that day, and our baby girl has had so many milestones already in this short span of time.

Month 1

This was a month of discovery for all of us. Baby Gloria discovering the world, I discovering how it feels to be a mother, and hubby discovering the medical bill (yikes!). In all honesty, looking back now, Gloria was not really a fussy baby. She mainly cried when she was hungry, and when she felt like a cuddle.

I know newborns sleep a lot during the day, but it certainly didn't feel like it during the first month. They said "Mummy sleeps when baby sleeps" but I somehow couldn't. Even though my mum kept asking me to rest when baby is sleeping and let her take care of Gloria, I just couldn't. I wanted to be there to be able to breast feed Gloria when she gets hungry. Most times this felt like 24 hours... Gloria was latching on to me for what I felt was like every waking hour (my waking hour that is). I was beginning to think if I could last6 months of breastfeding.

I'm so thankful my parents and in laws were there. Especially my mum and sis. I think I would've gone full swing into post partum depression if not for them. I had a few mini breakdowns, all at night, when I just could not get Gloria to sleep!

Month 2

This to me was the most stressful month by far. My mum went back home, and Gloria and I spent our days at my in laws. There was no mummy for me to fall back on...

It was December, and my mother in law was preparing cookies for Christmas and Chinese New Year. So most of the time, I took care of Gloria alone. There was no internet connection, and I felt almost disconnected from the world. I guess this was when I got a real taste of how being a housewife would feel like.

Gloria was beginning to smile more and this really kept me going daily. My sister in law and I would try to coax Gloria to smile for us, and we would try to capture that on camera.

Towards the end of month 2, I was dreading the eventuallity that I have to go back to work.

a. I would miss the time I could spend with Gloria.
b. I was still so fat, I had to wear my maternity pants!
c. I still wasn't good at expressing milk. :(

However, this was also Gloria's first Christmas. We kept our celebration small and only visited 1 friend. Christmas was nice and cozy.

Month 3

Ah.... back to work. We drop Gloria off at my in law's place in the morning and it takes every ounce of determination in me to leave her and go to work. The moment we drive away from the house I would tell my hubby that I miss Gloria already.

We looked forward to going home daily, and it was heartwarming to know that Gloria would refuse her formula milk after 7pm in anticipation for the breast feeding sessions I would have with her throughout the night (this is when I really loved breast feeding, it's like a special bond I have with Gloria every night).

Gloria would now begin to smile at recognition. You would know that when she looked at you, and give you that big gummy grin... it was ONLY for you. That's the best feeling in the world! Towards the end of this month, Gloria begun to coo and gurgle more. She begun to hold baby conversations with all of us.

This was also the month that Gloria got baptised. A friend gave Gloria a BEAUTIFUL white dress, perfect for her baptism. Gloria too was a perfect angel throughout the whole process.... she slept :P

Month 4

We're now 2 weeks into month 4. Gloria has shown so much growth!

She can now hold her head up and control her head movement too.

She can now laugh :D When you have a bad day at work, the best cure is to listen to a baby's laugh.

She expresses preference. She has a mobile at home with bunnies hanging from it. She would only 'speak' to one particular bunny. At her grandma's, she has a mobile with different bugs on it. She would only 'speak' to the ladybug. (and she would grunt angrily at the blue butterfly hahaha)

She can reach out to her mobile.

She can smoothly navigate her hand into her mouth hahahaha.

She can hold your finger, and smoothly navigate it into her mouth.

She can grab hold of her doll and smoothly navigate it into her mouth (hehe catch a pattern here?)

She's in love with the ceiling fan.

She never cease to amaze us all with her antics.

I think I'm gonna enjoy being a mummy :)


Dafthamsta said...

*sniff* So heart-warming... really reminds me of my little darling's first half year. And like I said to you on MSN... then the little terror discovered the joys of crawling... :D

Australian Migration Planners said...

Enjoy her every moment as time is so fleeting. Enjoy her crawling - it will last only a few weeks before she begins walking (or running as she discovers that it is better for centre of gravity). That too doesnot last long as she will go to school, uni, etc and be swept off her feet by a prince charming (that hopefully you will approve of). But then you will begin all over again - when you babysit your grand kids - that's life. Enjoy it.

Julian said...

Hey, she's lookin' really gorgeous :)

babe_kl said...

*wading thru the cobwebs* happy mother's day!!!