Friday, September 28, 2007

Cake experiment

It all started when I decided that I'll bake Gloria's FIRST birthday cake. How difficult could it be right? I'm sure Gloria'll be thrilled with ANYTHING that is produced. Ah but then there'll be photos snapping the soon coming event... And I wouldn't want my daughter looking back at the old photos and asking me... 'Mummy, what's that pile of thing that I'm posing behind of?'.

I shared my idea with hubby... who then said
'Make it in the shape of number ONE'

'Shape like number ONE?' a little shocked that hubby actually pitched an idea and not grunt in acknowledgement.

'Yeah.. so that when we look back at the pictures we'll know that it's her first birthday'

Yeah makes sense.. though the number of candles on the cake would've be indicative..

However, it's a challenge I cannot shy away from.

Now how would I decorate the cake?

First thought.. Fondant (Sugar Paste)... very pretty ... but well... it's just sugary. Anyhow, I managed to find some ready to roll sugar paste *go self!*

So a few Friday's ago, my sis and I whipped up a simple sponge cake and decorated it with fondant (well, I did set my sis up for the task by introducing her to this blog)

Anyhow, to cut long story short... this was what we came up with

OK... handling fondant was not as tricky as I thought it would be... and we definitely need to experiment more hehehe... when we were done... we didn't have the heart to cut the cake... so we had to let my dad do the honors :P

A week later, we baked a chocolate cake with cream cheese and peach filling (YUMZ!) and decorated with butter cream. This time, I experimented on assembling the cake into the number ONE shape. Cake was yummy...decoration was well... amateur hehehe..

I have 1 more month to go before the REAL event. I think there'll be a few more experiments to do hehhee....

Next mission... mousse cake? Or maybe layered sponge cake with sweetened whipped cream. Wish me luck

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