Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Mysterious leak: Part 1

Some background

It's been a year since we got the keys to our house, and more cracks are surfacing. So we submitted a long list of faults to the developer for rectification. They will then inform an appointed sub-contractor to look into the issues.

This sub-contractor has quite an interesting collection of workers an indonesian couple, a vietnamese young man and an octogenarian. Yup, I swear he looks way pass his retirement age. Now this old "ah pak" is a rude one, but let's not go there (it will take too long to blog about him).

Nearly all the problems were rectified, and one of the last issues was with the gutter in the front. So one sunny Saturday morning, the "ah pak" came by with the Vietnamese guy. He argued with hubby about whether or not the gutter was his scope of work. Nothing a call to his boss couldn't solve.. hmmph...

So with a grunt, he reluctantly set to work. Soon after, the weather turned bad and thunder threatened. "Ah pak" started to pack up (still grumbling under his breath). He then preceded to the next door (under renovation and empty). Hubby was not happy at all with his attitude and complained loudly for a few minutes...

The problem

All went well, till the next morning. While stuffing my beloved washing machine with dirty laundry, I heard a peculiar dripping sound. I looked up and lo and behold... a mini waterfall. At the corner of the wet kitchen, water was dripping from the ceiling "Argh!".

Hubby came running, jaw dropping as he saw the leak. Hahaha because of his deep set iritation with the "Ah Pak", he immediately suspected foul play. "But it's quite impossible for him to cause this" I exclaimed.

We promptly turned off the main tap, cutting off the main water line. Leak was still there. Hubby climbed up to the tank, and whoa!.... Overflow!

Not a good way to start a Sunday morning. :(

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