Friday, June 17, 2005

Mysterious leak:Part 2.

If at any time you feel lost in this naration, perhaps you should read Part 1

Call the calvary

We made an S.O.S call to our contractor. Nice bloke who unfortunately speaks Hokkien and really really basic Cantonese only. This complicates many many communication instances. Thank goodness my Father In Law (FIL), came along to help explain matters.

Up and down and up and down (the stairs that is), they went to check out the tank and piping. The diagnosis was unconclusive. *sob*

What they could do is to turn off the main tap that feeds water to the tank. We arranged for the specialist (aka plumber) to come and have a thorough checkup during the weekday.

The Specialist

The appointment was made for a weekday so only my FIL could be present for the inspection.

Up and down and up and down again they went. NO LEAK! (oh by this time the leak stopped)


Turned on the main tap to the tank.... and still nothing. I'm happy to announce that the ceiling is leak free till today (been 3 weeks now)

*X-Files theme song in the background* Don't believe it? Believe it!...

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