Tuesday, July 04, 2006

It moves!

Reaching the halfway mark of our pregnancy, we often get questioned ... "Have you felt baby move yet?"

Well... I never was sure of my answer. How does it feel like? Is it like the minor cramp I feel off and on? Does it feel like the bubbly stomach acid in my stomach when I'm hungry? Or am I just focusing too much and imagining that I felt baby move.

I got so excited, that everytime I thought could be the indication of movement of baby, I would tell dear hubby "I think baby moved"... "THINK" being the operative word.

Well... all the doubt ended at the early mornings of 27th June 2006.

Sleep didn't come easy that night. I was feeling warm one moment, cold another. I was fleeting in and out of dreamland.

I turned to see the alarm clock and noted that the time was 4 a.m. Another 5 more hours and a gruelling day in the office begins.

Just as I was about to turn to my left side, I felt a nudge, slightly to the left of my belly button.


Was I dreaming?

Then I felt it again... more distinct this time. I placed my palm over the spot... and again I felt the nudge... even on my palm!

There was no doubt about it! The big worm inside me moved!!

I was so excited, I sat up and woke dear hubby from slumber. Poor guy didn't know what hit him hehehe...

He gave a sleepy smile and placed his palm on my stomach.... then fell asleep again. Baby wasn't one for an encore performance... and must have fell asleep soon after.

Since that day, I've been experiencing the little squirms and nudges throughout the day.

Unfortunately though, every time dear hubby puts his hand on my belly, baby just stays still. :D maybe it's the calming vibe from daddy's hand hahaha...


CFC said...

Congratulations! You can put a ticker on your blog just like mine!

Oh, here it is:

babe_kl said...

wonderful experience eh? wait till your worm grew stronger and bigger :p

Dafthamsta said...

Congrats! Fun hor? Can still remember the experience of feeling my girl's kicking action while still in her mommy's womb.

Actually I'm still feeling it. Got a kick from her full in my face last Saturday morning in fact. Sigh... the hazards of co-sleeping. :P

Cyrene said...

latest update ...

Hubby has felt baby move. :) after much persuasion from him :p