Saturday, July 29, 2006

Shiver me timbers!

I'm a fan of Johnny "Dreamy Eyes" Depp. Not a crazy fan though... I don't go out collecting every movie he's acted in... but generally I just like to look at him... I like the roles he takes on... they are not ... conventional.

I absolutely LURVED him as Capt Jack Sparrow in Pirates of the Caribbean : The curse of the Black Pearl. When I heard that POC: Dead Man's Chest was coming out... I told DH that I HAD to watch it. Deep inside, I knew that the sequel will never surpass the first movie... but what the heck.. it's Johnny Depp!

Alas, when POC:DMC premiered here... I was stuck in Jakarta. EVERY DAY, when I turn on the television, the trailer would tease me.... the clips of the Red Carpet event of Pirates of the Caribbean would tease me.... E! TV kept running features of Johnny Depp... ARGH!... I have to go.

So finally yesterday, we decided to meet up Lens and go watch the movie. We got 6 rows from the front of the screen, even though Lens tried to butter up the guy over at the ticket counter. I guess the guy over the ticket counter just didn't take to Lens' charms :P

After getting our drinks and chips and popcorns, we made a beeline to the cinema. Oh well, 6 rows from the front ain't all that bad... And lo and behold... a cute chick actually is seated next to Lens... must be his lucky night. That was till....................

At a scene that was meant to probably just make you jump in your seat a little, we heard a blood curdling scream (ok lar a bit exagerated... but a horrific scream is a horrific scream). I turned to the direction of the scream and there I saw Lens, with the 'oh-my-god' look. At that time it didn't register to me that it was the cute chick sitting next to him that turned into Banshee.

As the movie progressed, every time Davey Jones, the Kraken and the scene of Elizabeth's dress swaying over the deck (hehe ok lar this one she didn't scream lar), cute chick would turn into Banshee.... hahahah She was clearly enjoying the movie A LOT.

Lens, DH and I had a good laugh about it after the movie. Everyone of us in the theatre enjoyed the 5.1 surround sound effecct, but Lens had 5.2 ... Banshee sat next to him... what an experience to remember.

p.s (who screams in a Disney movie anyway? ) :P


phangan said...

LOL... she really take the movie seriuosly :P

Dafthamsta said...

Errr... we're not talking about moi when it comes to your DH right? Hehehe... anyway, here's a bit of trivia...

Yours truly won best-dressed in my department annual trip dinner... and guess what was our theme? Kekeke... yup... Pirates. Apparently I have potential to be a real bad-ass paikia pirate wor.