Sunday, August 13, 2006

28 weeks

How your baby's growing: By this week, your baby weighs a little over 2 pounds
and measures about 14.8 inches from the top of her head to her heels. She can
open her eyes — which now sport lashes — and she'll turn her head toward a
continuous, bright light from the outside. Her fat layers are beginning to form,
too, as she gets ready for life outside the womb.

As we're reaching the homestretch of the pregnancy, we're beginning to gear up on the preparation. Thus far we've gotten:

  1. A beginner feeding bottle set
  2. 1 set of clothings for baby ( to bring her home in.... Hubby decided to go gender neutral colors -- even though doc has shown us again that he's pretty sure that it's a girl. So we bought a FULL set in yellow with duck motif :P )
  3. Sanitary stuff for me to be packed into my labour bag.
  4. Bedding for baby's cot... (Yes, I got Winnie the Pooh!!)
  5. Some toys for baby ... (hehehe.. we just couldn't resist it)

There'll be other stuff to get but we're trying to pace ourselves.

In the mean time, baby has been actively kicking and moving. Sometimes I feel she's using my bladder as a punching bag, making me visit the WC more often.

We're feeling excited... anxious... oh the plethora of emotions .... but yet... we still have yet to think of a name :P

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babe_kl said...

wheee a nice change to the blog, actually i did download this template but i din use it :p nice one there. so someone refused to belip it's a girl eh??? hahaha sighhh i just saw another batch of nice girly dresses at reject shop!!!