Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Huff and Puff

We've always walked by the Beard Papa stall at Mid Valley without giving it a second look. I fell out with blogging and blogs for quite some time and I didn't know anything about the craze it caused.

It was until one fine day when my sister mentioned that the cream puffs there were absolutely YUMZ and I bought half a dozen to try. It was love at first bite! Hubby loved them too...

Then Hubby started looking at the puffs and said "Darling, this looks simple. Why don't you try to make some yourself?"



Me? Make that? After you've tasted one of the world's best cream puff?

*more silence*

"OK, I'll try" I replied... Oh I was so going to regret this....

Anyhow, I scoured the net to look for a recipe for the choux puff and the cream. Unfortunately I was tied up with work and had to fly off to the land of constant haze (aka Jakarta) for work. I finally managed to gather up the mood and inspiration to take on the challenge 2 weeks after (which was a good thing coz I think by then, the absolutely delish taste of Beard Papa's puffs would have been somewhat vague)

One fine Saturday, I decided to spend some time in my much neglected kitchen. I jot down the ingredients I needed and popped over to the nearby hypermarket to get them (Hubby was fast asleep coz he too just came back from a business trip).

The choux puff recipe was fairly easy to follow. After scooping out the batter onto the trays and popping those babies into the oven, I started on the filling. Instead of custard cream, I cheated and made whipped cream with vanilla essence instead. The whipped cream was then placed into the fridge as I patiently waited for the puffs to be done.

After cooling the puffs, I made a make shift piping bag, and piped in the whipped cream. The puffs I made were bite size and looked really cute.

Now.... the moment of truth....

I took a plate of those cute cream puffs to hubby...... he looked at them and said "Aiks, why so small one?"

*dup dup dup.... went my heart....*

He took one and popped it into his mouth....

"Well?" I asked "Very nice", answered a very smart husband who knows how to praise the cook if he wants to have more home cooked meals :P

Was it really nice? .... here .... judge for yourself... help yourself to some cream puffs and tea..


julianwong said...

Haha! Looks very nice and even quite professional...

So, are you going to do some 'part-time business' for the Christmas/CNY festive season? If yes, I 'chup' two dozen first :D

Cyrene said...

For u Jules... sure sure.. consider it our christmas pressy :)

babe_kl said...

1 dozen pls!!!

phangan said...

i also wan :P