Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Double Trouble


It all started during lunch. Hubby and I met up for lunch as usual and we went to the usual area. I had an appointment lined up at about 2p.m. with my CEO and so we hurried through lunch so that I can get back in time.

It was a REALLY HOT afternoon, and the prospect of getting back into the aircond environment of the car was inviting. Quickly hubby flicked the key into ignition...

Kkkkrnnnkk! ..... said the car..... and the alarm went off.

Oh no... Hubby tried again...

KKKRRRRnnnkk! .... exclaimed the car again... and again the alarm went off.

These were somewhat indicative that the battery was exhausted. Thankfully there were a few car spare parts shop and a mechanic shop around. So we decided to just get a battery. 20 minutes later, a young chap helped us install the new battery.

Time check, 1.50p.m... Hurrah... I can make it back to office in time.

Hubby tried to start the engine again....

KKKRRRRNnkkkkkk .... EEEEEEEeeeee! complained the car!

What? How could it do this to us now!?!

The young mechanic chap checked and it was our air cond bearing that was jammed. The workaround for us to get out of the predicament would be to remove the belt, so that the car can start, but we won't have the aircond.

Time check, 2p.m... OK! We'll take that workaround.

Made it back to office by 2.15p.m. .... CEO was occupied and so I wasn't late after all.


We decided to drop by our neighbourhood mechanic on the way back to check out the damage on the aircond (a very very nice chap indeed). He initially forewarned hubby that the aircond would give way in the near future.... and true enough it did. He asked us to leave the car for a day tomorrow and he'll get it done.

The plan was to get my Father In Law's car, and use it for the next day while our car was in the workshop. So we went to my in law's for dinner, and I drove my FIL's car back.

Upon reaching the workshop, I heard a hissing noise. A quick glance at the temperature gauge.... 'H' . Oh this was SO NOT GOOD!

I told hubby and he told the mechanic, and they checked under the hood. The fan was not working! Oh well, they had a good laugh (at the coincidence) and thought, no biggie, we'll just change the fan and that's that.

1 hour later, fan fixed, let's check it out....... hang on! What's that? Water dripping from one of the hose. Check check....

Water pump leaking.... this car will not be going anywhere tonight!

Lesser of two evils

So it ended up, leaving my FIL's car for repair, we drove off with our aircondless car. We'll do the swap the next day when my FIL's car is repaired.

What a day!


phangan said...

what a day indeed... :D

babe_kl said...

wahhh yau moe kum ngam arhhh??? hahaha... hard to belip!

arielkmk said...

hahaha.. It was the joke of the night.