Thursday, August 04, 2005

It's really impossible...

It's really impossible to blog,
When I'm working like a dog,

It's really impossible to write,
When my nails I begin to bite,

It's really impossible to chat,
When my head falls on the table with a splat,

It's really impossible to believe,
I'm still in office and my bladder's dying to be relieved!


arielkmk said...

poor thing..

relax a bit and let Ginger pampers you with her lick.
why not go for the steam bath this weekend to loosen up?

babe_kl said...

time for a massage eh? me too leh kekeke

Dafthamsta said...

My dose is red,
My eyes are bleary,
Wish I were in bed,
I'm feeling so weary,

My hopes for an MC,
Was dashed in a hurry,
Why didn't the doc see,
I was in misery?

Bedrest is necessary,
I really need a day off,
But here I am, a coolie,
With a red dose like Randolph.