Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Keranamu Malaysia...

Tanggal Tiga Puluh Satu,
Bulan Lapan, Lima Puluh Tujuh,
Merdeka! Merdeka!
Tetaplah Merdeka,
Ia pasti menjadi sejarah!

Come 31st our country, Malaysia will be celebrating it's 48th year of independance. Merdeka! (Listen to the tune here)

For me, Merdeka day means

  2. Watching the National Day parade on TV.
  3. Anticipate seeing Tenaga Nasional's costume for the National Day Parade.
  4. Anticipate seeing which other company would adorn their staff with spaceman suits for the National Day Parade.
  5. Did I say HOLIDAY??!!
  6. On a more serious note... Thank the LORD that our country is peaceful. Yeah, there are unfairness here and there.... stupid remarks from our politicians now and then (but which country doesn't have politicians with stupid remarks??) ... still.... PEACE!

So what is Merdeka for you?

p.s (I'm flying the Jalur Gemilang on my blog :) )


jane said...

I love that song =D

On a serious note, i do not think we can be truly united with the 'New Economic Policy' still in effect. >:-(


dannyFoo said...

Look out in PPS for the Merdeka Blogger Project. ;) Cheers.

dannyFoo said...
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babe_kl said...

i love this song! so patriotic :p

Cyrene said...

Jane : we are still united "on the surface" mar ...

Danny: Thanks for dropping by. Will do.

Babe : mari kita nyanyi sama sama...

julianwong said...

Hehe, I gotta go with you:

Merdeka is primarily HOLIDAY TIME!!! Which will either be spent at the mall or in front of the TV.

My level of patriotism will probably extend to flying a flag on my blog, too :P (car, no way... eww!)

arielkmk said...

wah..someone's soo semangat.

hang a Jalur Gemilang on Ginger's cage.