Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Are you feeling neglected?

It's been a while since I blogged. Things have gone pretty UBER hectic at work.

Good news! The frog has been exorcised! My voice is back to it's squeeky self. Hit 'em high notes and glass WILL shatter.... hahaha.... hmmmm I do miss my husky voice now though... it was kinda sexy.

I had SMS from friends asking me what I was doing with 400 kids! I promise I'll blog about it soon (once I get to steal some more time... old father Time must have installed some nifty security alarm).

The weekend zoomed past really quickly. Sunday was the feast of St Anne. This day is more popularly celebrated at the St. Anne's church in Bukit Mertajam. There's actually another St. Anne's church at Port Klang, and luckily for us, it's just a short drive away. There we were at 6.30 am... the church was packed so we got our seats outside. Morning breeze, church bells and hymns... some comfort after a long long week at work.

That evening, we held a small BBQ gathering for some friends and their kids. It was truly enjoyable... and kids really do say and do the darndest things.

  • I had a young boy popping sweets into my mouth.
  • A young girl telling me that I need to call the police to fix a broken light in my study.
  • The most adult conversation I ever had with an 8 year old girl.

Ah.... prayer, socialising and food does wonders to the soul.

Well, now... back to the grind! It's gonna be late nights for me. My hands are quite knackered with all the clicking and typing.. I'll let Ginger wave goodbye for me.


julianwong said...

We all had a great time, esp. Meg :)

Many thanks for organising the get-together and for having us over. I'm sure it was an eye-opener for you and Matt to have a half dozen kids pitter-pattering through the house!

Bet it sounds too quiet now, yar? :D

babe_kl said...

wah got party arh?? :p