Monday, July 25, 2005

Random thoughts

  1. How on earth this frog possessed my voice box?
  2. My arms feel like dead weight.
  3. Everybody in the office is sneezing!
  4. Taking care of 400 over kids is a daunting task. (will blog about this later)
  5. The Church of Divine Mercy (in Shah Alam) is beautiful. Wonder if anyone is documenting all the statues and deco..
  6. Have I taken my medication?
  7. When will the weekend come???


babe_kl said...

aiyoyo... sounds bad on a Monday! take care ok... go rest. *ribbit*

ac said...

hmmm...kenot take mc??

weekend shud be coming soon. time flies nowadays.

arielkmk said...

wah..your mind also multi-task?

heard that the Church of Divine Mercy is fully air-conditioned. woo hoo..more reasons to go to church. =)
anyway, mass at SFX was superb. inspiring and i felt like i was in heaven with the choirs of angels singing and flapping their wings. even if the mass is 2 hours long, i won't mind. and oh, did i mention that many girls wear spaghetti straps and tubes over there? *eye washing for guys and weirdly, girls (me) too!*

Dafthamsta said...

Need me to catch your frog for you? I'll release it wan, no worries.... I am not cruel to animals.

miss sweet16 said...

cyrene, its time you stop kissing the frogs. **sigh**

arielkmk said...

go to
and look at the pic in the cover news.

Church of the Divine Mercy.

Father Raymond must be so proud. All those space in the altar to himself. Not forgetting the altar boys. Eh, Cyrene, where are you in the picture?