Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Harap maaf! Tren tergendala sebentar!

Weekday mornings are never easy. I make a pact with my inner-self every night to wake up earlier the next morning (in fact we make a pact with the freakishly loud alarm clock too). But you and I know it never happens. I end up breezing through the shower (aka Mandi Kerbau), put life onto face (aka Make-up), make breakfast (this can sometimes be optional when I’m super late) and finally hang out the clothes to dry.

Why the rush? Simple, to beat traffic. We live very far from where I work (playfully nicknamed “Jungle” by a colleague in fact), and my hubby would drop me off at the LRT station for my daily homage to all 14 LRT stations to my destination. Most of the time, I get a seat…and the trip would be uneventful. I guess someone out there didn’t want me to get bored of my trips… and thus begins the story of my morning.

Approaching the entrance of the LRT station, I noticed that the shutters were half drawn. “Now that can’t be a good sign” VIH* said. Indeed it wasn’t. A notice was displayed at the entrance announcing a technical fault on the tracks, causing trains to be delayed.

“Just wonderful” I sighed. Seeing that commuters still duck their heads and proceeded to the gantry, I did the same. The platform was packed with anxious commuters, constantly checking their watches and I presume all saying a little prayer that they won’t be late for work.

More announcements blared over the PA system “Your attention please. Due to technical issues, trains will be delayed. Thank you.”

“Thank you”? Don’t thank us; I’m quite sure the technical issue was not caused by us the commuters! Hah!

Few minutes later (thankfully, coz the sun – being very cynical – decided to bake us at the platform), a train arrived. Needless to say, we all transformed into sardines and did what was natural to us, PACK IN!

“It’s not all as bad as it sounded out to be” I thought. Ok, other than the fact that the guy standing behind me about 30 degrees to my left decided to raise his right arm to hold onto the support beam, resulting in me having to keep my head at a 40 degree angle throughout the journey! (No, I couldn’t move.. and if you asked that question, you clearly have not transformed yourself into a sardine before).

A few shocking moments happened when the train had to pull a few stunts emergency brakes mid stops. You can sense that everyone’s heart skipped a beat whenever that happened.

50 minutes later, 20 minutes longer than usual, I finally exited the train. Phew!... It’s nice having a little personal space again.

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julianwong said...

It could have been worse. It could have been a Nokia train... :P