Thursday, July 21, 2005

Love Thy Neighbor...

Our neighbor (on the right), is a special end lot with a big land area. When we moved in, it seemed abandon and unoccupied. Few months later, renovation work started. As you can was havoc for us. Dust and debris falling onto our side of the fence.. It’s ok, Love Thy Neighbor...they won’t be renovating forever.

When nearly ALL the walls were torn down on their side, we thought the worst was over. THEN, they took down the chain fence dividing our houses WITHOUT our knowledge. Never mind, Love Thy Neighbor...they are putting up the wall without asking us to pay for it.

True enough, the dividing wall came up...but hey...why is there a gaping hole in the middle? Oh, it’s their design thing and wrought iron bars were supposed to be put in. *smile* soon it will all be over. Next thing we know...WHERE ARE THE WORKERS? All halt with works…. the house is not even done yet...heck ...I don’t care about the house.. what about the gaping hole?!!? WHERE IS THE LOVE ??

It’s been over 6 months now..and the situation is the same (in military terms probably it will be SNAFU). That’s it... I think we’ve tolerated enough… something must be done.

In fact something happened this morning! But that’s another blog post. So Watch This Space!

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