Friday, July 08, 2005

Innocent lives lost.

Yesterday the world was again shocked by acts of terrorism. A string of what seems to be choreographed explosions crippled the London underground network and a bus. At least 38 people perished and 700 injured.

Reading the news and looking at footage of the explosions, one can't help but think of how vulnerable we are. All these carnage.... what better cause could justify it?

Looking on with horror, I thought to myself "Thank God it's not here". Then I felt guilty. Terrorism knows no boundaries, we will never know if it WILL one day be here. I find myself trying to understand how someone can deliberately cause such violence, walk away with a clear conscience. How?

What's the price of human lives nowadays?

I couldn't look, it was so horrific
Scott Wenbourne(Witness at Aldgate)

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