Thursday, July 21, 2005


Ginger lives in a cage right outside our sliding door. She loves it there as she can see the world go by when we are at work. She hates being in there when we are home though. She wants to run around the garden, run around the car at the porch, gnaw at her chewy bone just outside the main door, terrorize the grass.. the works.

So we do let her out when we are back. But we put her back in when we go to bed. We don’t trust her being alone FREE for such a long period of time. Previous attempts resulted in a porch scattered with organic fertilizer, uprooted plants, torn up rags, pots broken, .. erm.. you get the idea.

Lately however, she started an evil scheme. She yelps at precisely 4.30 am to get me to release her. How did this come to be? Well, one morning it rained heavily.. and water was being splattered into her cage. So she started yelping.. and Hallelujiah.. here comes Mummy to release her. Since then, she’s testing my patience.

Anyhow, this morning I released her again at 4.30 am. It’s a God forsaken hour, so I went back to bed soon after.

2 and a half hour later, while I was happily (NOT) getting ready for work. I heard the neighborhood dogs barking.. but hey.. our yelper (aka Ginger) was quiet. “What a good girl” VIH* said. It was at that VERY MOMENT I got an SMS from my neighbor. It read

“I saw your dog running around outside”


Grabbed my stuff, yelled to hubby, ran downstairs, opened the door.. dog missing.

“Ginger!” I called

She came bounding through the gaping hole. Thank goodness!

Can’t imagine where she’s been or what she’s been up to. She looked at me like a teenage kid caught playing truant.

“Where have you been?” I inquired.


“Well young lady, don’t you get so pleased with yourself. Go back into the cage.”
In she went. (Yes she obeys to that command)

I examined the hole.. the plank we used to cover it must have fell during the heavy rain last night.

What a fright. Thank goodness she knew her way back home. Wouldn’t have fancied running around the neighborhood yelling “Ginger!”


babe_kl said...

uh-oh... tonite kena piaks piaks liau :p

arielkmk said...


*Godma begging for mercy on behalf of Ginger*

but also have to warn her coz it's dangerous to be in that house. planks and nails all over.

Cyrene said...

Hahaha .... She didn't get piaked le..

Went to ask neighbor.. apparently she went to the next street,and then visited all the dogs on our street.. before coming back home by 7. LOL

Btw, she woke us up at 4 AGAIN!

ac said...

cyrene, good training for baby to come, no?

feed Ginger some sleeping pills among her food (not to kill her, but to help u get better sleeps, how?)