Tuesday, July 19, 2005


First, some background

  • Babe's Hubby's nick is HOOK
  • HOOK works in same company as me
  • Office peeps know him as KK

Now the good part!

I stepped out to the ladies. Came back in, a colleague said out loud

"Cyrene, you know someone by the name of Hook?" With a weird look on her face. Coz obviously, Hook is a weird name to have.

"He sounded European-lah" She must have thought it was our Overseas colleague.

I couldn't help but laugh and blurt out "It's KK-lah"

"Sei Jai ar.... tricked me!" She exclaimed (Sei Jai = endearing way of saying ... bugger)

LOL ......

What happened next? Read it here


babe_kl said...

ROTFL hahahah adoi sakit perut oredi :p

ac said...


read this on both blogs, still can't belip this kinda prank could be pulled off :)

phangan said...

Capt. Hook is a cool guy... ekekekek

Chen said...

hahahaa... got "to be continue..." Part 2 in babe's blog pulak :P

trying hard to recall how Mr HOOK talks :P