Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Weird food.

Hubby's mouse died. Well, comatose actually. The infrared light is still there, but the mouse ain't budging on the screen. So he proposed we drop by 1 Utama after work to get a new mouse. Thus, he pulled the life support out of the comatose mouse. *looks left and right... nope, no pro-life protesters*

We decided on dining at "Wong Kok Cha Chan Teng". "Wong Kok Cha Chan Teng", I just like saying it... the way it rolls out of my mouth. "Wong Kok Cha Chan Teng".. hehe The name is in Cantonese, and it should mean "Wong Kok Cafe". "Wong Kok Cha Chan Teng"... hehe ok I'll quit it.

This place is a sudden hype.. partly because of the semi tongue twister name... and partly for their humongous Iced Milk Tea. They serve that on the house, if you produce proof that it's your birthday. No kidding!.. the container is the size of a planting pot!

OK anyway, we were a little zany and decided to try a weird concoction of toast that they have on their menu. Banana, sweetcorn and mash potato toast. I know, weird combo... but we decided to try it nonetheless.

Soon a waiter brought the dish over, with a queer look on his face. It had banana and canned sweet corn on a thick toast, drizzled with mayo and thousand island sauce. The mash was on the side. The mash tastes like those Nestle instant mash... and very salty too.

The toast with banana, sweet corn, mayo and thousand island (yes I have to repeat all the ingredients to emphasise how weird it was) tasted not too bad amzingly... The sweetness of the banana, the sour saltiness of the condiments. Hubby twisted his face though... it was too weird for him to handle.

He said they probably added that into the menu after a few kegs and pissed drunk. I'm sure the kitchen staff was peeping through the door to see which wierd bugger ordered that concoction. It's probably the FIRST time they actually sold that dish.

Perhaps they even secretly took a picture of us, blew it up and hung it in the Kitchen's hall of Weird Eaters!

Shoots! I actually am gonna believe that happened!

And nope, we didn't finish the dish! We're not that weird.... well, at least not hubby coz I ate half of it by the time we left. Hang on, does that mean I'm weird?


julianwong said...


julianwong said...

LOL! Just kidding on the previous comment :D

If ever there is a food entry that is a-begging for a photo of some sort, this is it...

Dafthamsta said...

My personal favourite at those char chan tengs is the French toast aka Sai toh see (Ok I admit it sounds worse than it does in Cantonese :P). What to do... ever since Oliver left, no more PBBT jor mah.... Imagine: Deep fried toast with a huge gob of peanut butter that oozes out when you cut it... with a pat of butter and honey. *Drool...*

arielkmk said...

plus mayo and thousand island? ewww! sounds like those that they served in the fear factor menu.

i have yet to try the food in Wong Kok Char Chan Teng. wee hock hates to hear that name coz i kept bugging him to go there.

babe_kl said...

aisay i wud really like to see flowerpot sized lai char :p

dh, u really hv to bring up PBBT is it?? missed it. sigh the PBBT at the rebirth outlet in klcc foodcourt SUCKS euuwww... maybe i make it this weekend :D

Cyrene said...

jul : Thanks for ur vote of confidance.

DH : I'm drooling I'm drooling!... I LUP it too.

ariel : Hahaha I'm amazed i ate it!

Babe : I wanted to for my birthday... but terlepas lar!

Dafthamsta said...

Sorry lor, babe jie. I miss it too mah... Actuarry I make my own PBBT at home nowadays too *yummy*. I agree wif you that the local company that carried on after Oliber left town is simply not up to the standard lor. I donch go to JJ anymore after I tried their sandwiches.

Satine: Wah... I got member lor. *Hi 5!*

ac said...

waaa, i will go on my burdday nx yr! wanna try the flowerpot sized lai char ;)

the cheras WKCCT sux! SS2's is decent. (imho)

phangan said...

tried the mango dessert thingy there... quite interesting... forgot what's it called though