Monday, July 04, 2005

It's been a WHOLE year!

"Love vanquishes time. To lovers, a moment
can be eternity, eternity can be the tick of a

Indeed it does... it still feels like just yesterday I was walking down the aisle with my dad. The beginning of a new life...

How did we celebrate?

8.00 am:Woke up and hung clothes out to dry
9.00 am:Went for breakfast (oh I of course put on the pretty pink blouse my hubby bought)
10.00 am:Arrived at church. We were 30 minutes early... So we spent some time at the Grotto ...
10.30 am:Mass begun. Today we were asked to help out as "Wardens".. First time :D.. Hubby made sure to look each person in the eye to make them cough up the cash LOL (just joking)
11.40 am:Had tea with V&V.. It was nice to catch up after a long while
1.00 pm:Indulged in a foot reflexology session with hubby. (my treat)
3.00 pm:Lepak-ed around at home
5.00 pm:Cooked a simple dinner. Pasta with tomato and cream sauce... Accompanied with a bottle of Ice Wine ..... followed by a slice of cake. Yum Yum!!
7.00 pm:Took Ginger out for a walk in the park. Wished I brought my camera... The sight of Hubby and Ginger walking in the park was so adorable.
8.00 pm:Watched some tv...
11.00 pm:Retired for the day

I hear you guys exclaiming "WHAT?!" hahaha... but it just felt right. We've reached the ONE year mark... yes, it's special... but what's most special is that we found each other and that we strive towards making our marriage work. I don't mind forgoing the fine wine and silver dining for an evening stroll with my love in the park.. just quietly enjoying each other's company...

Happy Anniversary Darling ... *lift up wine glass* And here's to many more!

Thank you very much for all the well wishes.. and especially to Babe for her dedication post. It was really really sweet of you.


julianwong said...

Well said! Many blessings upon the both of you :)

(Scrolls down the checklist...) So, itu baby bila sampai?? Sudah satu tahun, apa tunggu tunggu lagi?! :P

Hehe... pressure, pressure.. (just kidding yar? LOL!)

Dafthamsta said...

Congratulations on ur first anniversary! May the 2 of u have many many more to come!

babe_kl said...

WHAT??!!? hehehe what a perfect day huh?

Wishing both of you "tim tim mutt mutt" and many more to come ;)

phangan said...

gratz :D

miss sweet16 said...

**swoons** :)

shookmeallnightlong said...

1 year already? wahhhh!!! so syiok! actually hor... after 1 year ie honeymoon period it'll all went downhill :P


Congrats and all the best to you!

and your hubby too


Cyrene said...

julian : Thanks for the wishes... Tunggu apa? what to do the Stork took a wrong left turn somewhere.. now waiting for it to navigate back ekkeke

dh : Thanks :)

babe : "seng lei kwai yin" thanks :)

phangan : Thanks!

Miss Sweet16 : Nah! Smelling salts.. wake up ar.. :P

Shook : er.. thanks? hehehe

Chen said...

Congrats :)
Wishing u & yr hubby many happy years ahead..
& pray that God will continue to shower his Blessings upon u & your family :)

arielkmk said...

ohhh ohh..i don't think i wished you on your anniversary. ooppssie..too caught up with the holiday fever.

Happy 1st Anniversary SIL and moi brada!
wishing you guys many many more happy years ahead and of course, growing wrinkly together.

*SIL-sister in law

arielkmk said...

anyway, what happened to the beach/island holiday you guys were planning for the anniversary?

hmmm...stingy brada!

Cyrene said...


Thank you SIL :)

Yeah.. tak jadi... maybe next year