Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Taming of the fur!

I've always been meaning to Blog about our pet doggy. How she brought cheer to our lives, how she does the cutest things, how smart she is.... and last but not least how much she makes our blood boil. hahaha. OK, let me begin the story again.

We've always talked about having a pet dog when we move into our home. We've always envisioned walking the park with our obedient dog. Oh what a serene scene that painted. So somewhere in December last year, I scoured an online forum for puppy adoptions. These are mainly stray mongrels, and some kindred spirits, finding a loving home for them. Fate has it that I stumbled on a posting about "GirlGirl". This poor little mongrel was adopted, but the owners were irresponsible and left her to roam the streets again. So a kindred guardian, took her in and tried to get "GirlGirl" a responsible, loving home.

I was curious and I clicked on the link to view her image. This was what I saw.

Please take me home?

Now tell me that's a look you can say 'no' to! She has an uncanny way of tugging ye olde heartstrings. So I offered the guardian to give a home to "GirlGirl". Weirdly though I felt excited and nervous. I began to wonder if I am responsible enough for this lil' pup (she was about 9 months). But the moment we met for the first time.... I knew she was right for us!

We hereby knight thee - Ginger.

Ginger making herself at home in the Garden

The first weeks were quite exhausting. Very much like first time parents, we fret about her food, we fret about her wellbeing, we fret about keeping her welcomed..... while she fret about separation. Ginger had quite a bad run of separation anxiety. She would shadow us ALL over the place! Even to the washroom!

We decided that we need some support in parenting Ginger, so we named my Sister In Law Ginger's Godmother. Funny thing is, it was as though Ginger knows.. coz she ALWAYS runs to my Sister In Law when the family comes to visit.

It's been 7 months now, and we're happy to say that, we can't imagine our home without her. That lil bundle of fur, joy and yelps!

All that Fur on a small dog!

She is shaggy all over. She likes to roll about in the garden. She loves to garden (aka dig up the plants). So, I'll let you draw the conclusion on how icky her fur can get after a week. So last weekend, we decided to treat her to a grooming session at a newly opened pet shop nearby.

The time came, we bundled her into the car. She didn't suspect a thing.

We brought her to the grooming room, and she wasn't the slightest worried. In fact, she was excited! "New doggy friends" I can almost hear her say.

"How short do you want to cut her fur?" Asked the groomer. "Erm, short but not too short?" Uh oh.. did I make the right decision? "Means how short?" The groomer asked again. "Erm... Ok short", "Don't hate mummy, Ginger" I whispered. Ginger was nonchalant.

So we left her there for 2 hours..... she came back to us smelling like baby powder. Is she still cute? Well... why don't you judge for yourself...



julianwong said...

Haha.... she still cute, no worries there :)

And it's really not that short lar...

arielkmk said...

yeah..i really don't get it.
why must she always run and jump on me? when there are other ppl to choose from?

must be the godma scent!

love you Ginger (with or without fur) and also Ginger's mummy who took really good care of her.

btw, has her taste changes or is she not that into food anymore?

Cyrene said...

Hehehe.. more like godma with treats smell :)

She's still very much into food. Just that she doesn't like the taste of this new brand.

What a picky eater!

Dafthamsta said...

Having a puppy is good preparation for mommyhood, no? ;)

babe_kl said...

aiyoyo almost botak!

*hi5, hamsta* LOL :p

truth said...

hehe....still cute.

Cyrene said...

DH & Babe : Woi!.. don't gang up ar.

Evol : Thanks :D

miss sweet16 said...

ginger's nekkid!!!! :O :O
bad mommy!!!!