Monday, July 18, 2005

How to make cakes without an oven

My Sis-In-Law (SIL) was having a bit of a bad week last week, with the nasty doc and the oups incident with the Camry. So, I thought of cheering her up a little.... Actually an excuse for me to try the "Steamed Egg Cake" recipe hehehe...

So here's how I started....

Simple Ingredients
Some simple ingredients (Sugar, Flour & Eggs)

The recipe's simple, a bowl of eggs, a bowl of plain flour and a bowl of sugar. However, because I'm not ready to succumb to diabetes just yet, I halved the sugar amount. Also, I added a dash of Sodium Bicabonate into the plain flour. Next...

Start your engines Whipping

I whisked the sugar and eggs till it's pale and fluffy. Notice I'm using an old school hand-whisk, I swear my right arm muscles bulged after the process. Good workout though hehe... Then gently fold in the flour till well mixed. Next stop, tart moulds....


The batter filled up 6 of these tart moulds (filled to 3/4). However they should've filled up more.... I didn't whisk the egg and sugar up enough. Then put them into the steam machine.... a.k.a a big wok filled with water and topped with a platform for steaming.

Steam machine Sauna

Put on the wok cover and let those babies enjoy the sauna for 15 minutes.

Time In Time Out

The result.....

All Done I'm ready for my closeup
Some makeup
Played with some food coloring for deco

And for my dear SIL .....


Hehehe I had so much fun doing it, I whipped up another batch. (This time I made sure I whisked them eggs good!) The result? .. the cakes were fluffier .....

More cakes
Another 2 ended up into hubby's tummy.


arielkmk said...

thankew so much. whoa..purposedly did it for me? 'sniff' sweet..

i don't think i know how to take the cake out nicely like what you had shown here. but it is good (just that by the time i had the cake in my hands, it was a bit hard already..should have gotten back earlier) now, i wish my name is longer..hmmm...Ginger got any??

i might curi the cake's pic in this blog coz i didn't take any pics. *kicking myself hard on the butt already*

Cyrene said...

Hehehe.. You're welcome.

Nope Ginger didn't manage to get any wor.... She got other treats.. Doggy treats hehe

No prob... can steal :D

babe_kl said...

wahh i wan those wid heart prints :p

julianwong said...

*Forwards entry to wife*

Let's hope she gets the hint! :P

She's Jess said...

hey hey.. can i have the recipe? er.. midn giving me the exact amount of sugar, flour, etc etc?


Cyrene said...

Hey Jess,

Thanks for stopping by.

OK, this recipe is based on guestimate. The rule of thumb is..

1 bowl Eggs
1 bowl Plain Flour
1 bowl Sugar (this you can cut down)

Rising Agent: either Sodium Bicarbonate (I used 1 teaspoon) or Ice Cream Soda (For the second batch I used about 5 Tablespoonfull)

Do tell me your result :)